Garo, Meghalaya

Khasi, Meghalaya

Majuli, Assam


Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh


Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Migrated from regions around, settling in forests, valleys or on the hills. The people have been considered, as tribal but are one the most advanced and ecologically sensitive civilisations. In the world of concrete and steel, they are still rooted in the traditions and practices, worshippers of elements of nature. They believe in wasting nothing and using everything. Coexisting with land and forest, with a unique identity, a characteristic that sets them apart, be the matriarchal society in the Garo / Khasi hills or the tattoos and piercing of the women in the Apatani community. The people of the region believing in the values and systems, with families of the Nyshi tribe living in the longest house of the region with multiple fire pits.

A reflection of the lifestyle is represented in the visuals, sounds, clothes and buildings the people live in. A closely-knit series of communities, with common values and practices. Where every event is social, and done at a community level. Be it the first harvest or the act of building one's house. Dependent on the other the communities in the region still maintain close ties. Considered very important in the day-to-day routine of several of the tribes in the North East, bamboo, unsurprisingly, is holy, the reminder of how it is regarded at every step of life’s crucial milestones.