Rendered as an alternative;
Often forgotten or side-lined in the books.
Considered traditional or a part of the past.
A dictionary limited to the materials of the present.
More to it we say,
It’s more than taking something, opening a book,
getting the base right and then the building.
The beauty lies in understanding its origin, experiencing, feeling,
experimenting and then taking it on a journey.
Building is an experience and a process of creation.

A holistic understanding of material is integral part of getting the art and science of building. An understanding deeply rooted in the science, belief and use seen in the building. As part of Mastering the materials science, we mix and match, try and fail, but we continue to experiment till we succeed.

A lesson we learnt over the years, never be afraid to try, you might just discover something different. Something useful, something new or giving a new identity to something old.