An expanse of tidal mudflats, brown desolations flocked with saline efflorescence, with tracks of camel caravan and humans in search. The sacred and the profane, beautiful and barren, colour and vistas of the people and the stories, customs and traditions that migrated with them spread through the lengths and breadths of the region.



Art & Craft


Isolated clusters spaced across the Rann, responding and coexisting with ecology and communities of the region, The communities in the present day context, unperturbed by the influence of modernization are trying to preserve their identities and beliefs. Where struggles with nature elude the differences between context and culture. The crossing of paths, commonalities and professions help establish a link between the various communities in the region.

The need to express, a break from the mundane landscapes, disconnected from the mainland had a profound impact on the skills and needs of the people. Expressing was a necessity rather than a need. Communities depended on the other to sustain and survive, expressing and creating.

The crafts became an identity, skills a tool and product a symbol.

Amit Kharbanda

Amit Kharbanda

Amit Kharbanda