Architectural Map

Marking the advent of a century, arrival of a king, victory over a kingdom, a stop over for a thirsty trader on a journey or a house to live in. The idea of building in the country is difficult to categorise under a common lens of material or scale. It is like a layered canvas in an oil painting. Each layer, each step is a part of this fabric covering covering this country.

The idea of India or the architecture of India, is a difficult task to be perceived under one lens. Multiple lens are needed to understand the multiple elements defining the architectural fabric of the country.

And it’s the built environment where all these faucets thrive, celebrate and flourish. Governed by the physical context in terms of geology, geography, climate, topography, flora and fauna of the region and the lifestyle. Materials change form, function and aesthetics as it moves around the country. The idea is to understand the various layers, comprehending the reason why and how, the shape a material takes or is given.